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With Lapela Technology Oy from Rauma, Kassow Robots is now also represented with a partner in Finland. ”The company has been around for over 70 years. Such a company can only survive for decades with constant innovation. We are proud to have this partner on board and to support industrial customers intelligently in automation,” says Dieter Pletscher, Sales Manager at Kassow Robots. ” Read full article here.

Robocoast, USF Platform and Ningbo Haishu pioneer in Europe – China collaboration

“The Finnish experts have responded specifically to our need. In order to achieve improved packaging efficiency, they offered us three ways to proceed—through process optimisation, mechanical hand application and assembly line automation. Now that we have made some major technical breakthroughs, our production efficiency is up by 20% by adjusting the packaging process alone,” said Mr. Zhang Junbo, general manager of Junhe Pumps in front page of Ningbo Daily. The article highlights the pioneering collaboration between Robocoast USF Platform and Ningbo Haishu and this collaboration is expanding even more in the future. In October 2017 Haishu made the agreement to invest 2 million Euros and the Finnish side of Robocoast and USF Platform would organize expert teams to come up with targeted modernisation solutions.” Click this link for full article.