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Kassow robots

Kassow Robots is a Danish collaborative robot manufacturer that develops and produces 7-axis (one additional rotating joint) lightweight collaborative robots. Collaboration robots are designed and manufactured to be fast, strong and have a long reach. Kassow Robots have a completely aluminum surface, so the stronger material enables a longer service life. Kassow collaborative robots move up to 225 degrees per second on all 7 axes and the payload is up to 10 kg, without compromising speed.

These 7 axes give you much more flexibility as they allow the robot arm to replicate the movement of a real human hand much better. This means that Kassow collaborative robots can not only move an object in a straight line from A to B, but can also follow a curved path at a certain speed. This offers real advantages, for example, in tasks such as welding, painting and gluing, or when special maneuverability is required, such as in tight and small spaces. Kassow’s collaboration robots can also be used, for example, in small and medium-sized companies, where you want to achieve programming and automation as cost-effectively and independently as possible.

Kassow Robots’ collaborative robots have built-in force-torque sensors to detect collision and abnormal actions. The sensors stop the robot when it is overloaded and thus the collaborative robot can work in industrial production with little or even without additional safety measures with or alongside the worker.

KR 810
Reach in all directions
: 850 MM Payload: 10 KG
KR 1205
Reach in all directions:
1200 MM Payload: 5 KG
KR 1805
Reach in all directions:
1800 MM Payload: 5 KG
KR 1410
Reach in all directions:
1400 MM Payload: 10 KG


Payload: 5 – 10 KG
Reach in all directions: 850 – 1800 MM
Weight: 23,5 – 45 KG
Degrees of freedom:  7
Repeatability: +/- 0,1 MM
Joint speed (deg/sec): 225
IP specification: IP54


GSK Industrial robots are cost-effective and offer a versatile selection of robots, a suitable operating device. Currently, GSK Industrial robots are divided into six different series according to the purpose of use. GSK industrial robots can be used for part handling, welding, polishing, painting, stacking and storage. The selection covers dozens of different​​​​​​​​​​ products. Below you can get to know our GSK industrial robot selection better.

According to the user’s customer, GSK offers robots suitable performance, design, quality selection and high technology. GSK has produced Industrial robots with independent intellectual property rights, including robot controllers, servo motors, servo controllers and other components with functional characteristics.


Payload: 3 KG
Reach in all directions: 562 MM
Weight: 36 KG
Degrees of freedom: 6
Repeatability: ±0.02 MM

The RB series industrial robots are used, for example, in polishing, machine loading and unloading.


Payload: 6 – 300 KG
Reach in all directions:
900 – 2508 MM
Weight: 36 – 1800 KG
Degrees of freedom: 6
±0.02 – ±0.20

The RB series industrial robots are used, for example, in polishing, machine loading and unloading.

RB series – RB06-900
Payload: 6 KG
Reach in all directions: 900 MM

RB series – RB08
Payload: 8 KG
Reach in all directions: 1389 MM

RB series – 300
Payload: 300 KG
Reach in all directions: 2508 MM

RB series – RB20
Payload: 6 KG, 15 KG ja 20 KG
Reach in all directions:
1595 – 2060 MM


Payload: 6 – 300 KG
Reach in all directions: 
1850 – 3150 MM
Weight: 36 – 1800 KG
Degrees of freedom: 4 – 6
Repeatability: ±0.05 – ±0.5 MM

The RH series industrial robots are welding robots. They can be used to advantage for example in the car and motorcycle industry.

The RMD series industrial robots are palletizing and loading robots. They are especially suitable for handling large and heavy loads, such as stacking, unloading, moving, loading and unloading.

RH series – RH06A3-1850
Welding robots
Payload: 6 kg
Reach in all directions: 1850 mm

RMD series – RMD 120/160/200/300
Palletizing and loading robots
120 kg, 160 kg, 200 kg ja 300 kg
Reach in all directions: 3150 mm

C SERIES: C3-1100 & C4-1000


Payload: 8 KG
Reach in all directions: 1100×250 MM / 1000×250 MM
Weight: 95 – 110 KG
Degrees of freedom: 3 – 4
Repeatability: ±0.05 MM

The C series is more commonly used in light industry, food and medicine, which can achieve high-speed holding/unloading and sorting packaging functions.



Payload: 5 KG
Weight: 160/23 KG
Repeatability: ±0.01 MM

The Scara robot can be used, for example, in the electronics, plastics, pharmaceutical and food industries. In these fields, the robot is used for gripping, assembly or gluing.

Elfin Han’s Robot

Our product selection includes the Chinese Elfin Han’s Robot 6-axis collaborative robots cobots. The collaborative robots are built from three different modules, with connecting parts between them. The modules are in line with each other, which enables the collaborative robot to stand vertically and work close to its main point. Thanks to the advanced design, e.g. the so-called The distortion caused by thermal expansion in ‘pipe’ robots has been minimized in Elfi’s collaborative robots.

Elfi’s collaborative robots are designed for short-range work such as screwing, picking, grinding, assembly, gluing, painting or quality control.

Cobot is safe to use as it has an internal security feature built into it. This ensures that every blow that comes too close is detected and, if necessary, the robot stops. This safety feature is easy to customize according to users’ preferences, so it can be adjusted according to how close the robot works around the workers. With this, it is also possible to secure the working conditions of the employees.

The collaborative robot also comes with a controller and a main module. The main module has enough connections and power sources to connect all possible tools, which increases versatile use for different parts of production. We are also happy to help our customers with assembly and commissioning if necessary.

Reach in all directions:
590 MM Payload: 3 KG
Reach in all directions:
 800 MM Payload: 5 KG
Reach in all directions:
 1000 MM Payload: 10 KG


Reach in all directions: 590 – 1000 MM
Payload: 3 – 10 KG
Weight: 18 – 43 KG
Degrees of freedom: 6
Repeatability: +/-0.02 – 0.03 mm
IP specification: IP54


The Star Mobile Robot is mainly used in unmanned workshops in the electronics and machine industry. The robot can automatically grasp objects, handle and transport workpieces instead of workers.


Payload: 50 KG
Reach in all directions: 1000 MM


The FR robot can independently transport goods and navigate freely in its environment. This robot is also equipped with an obstacle avoidance radar that can work continuously and safely without interruption. In addition, it has a built-in autonomous navigation system and broadcast software.


Payload: 200 – 1200 KG
Positioning Accuracy: ±10 mm
Running Time (no load): 15 – 24 H
Communication Interface: TCP/IP, Modbus
Outbound Interface: WiFi , 1 x RJ45
Safety Laser Scanner 360°: PLd/ Category 3 (ISO 13849‒ 1)
IP Classification: IP54

Accessories for collaborative robots

A very wide selection of additional devices for different purposes is available for robots. Rarely is a collaboration robot as such capable of automating any kind of set task and it needs an additional device to help. It can therefore be said that the additional device is intended to assist the collaboration robot in performing the desired actions. When choosing suitable additional devices and systems, the intended use and purpose must be taken into account.

In collaborative robots, additional devices are used for several different work tasks, such as for example installing, assembling, welding, picking or screwing. In our accessory selection, you can find, for example, gripper systems, conveyors, movement rails, welding equipment, turntables or a CNC system. Our selection includes additional devices from the Chinese GSK and Danish OnRobot manufacturers. If necessary, we offer individual cell design and implementation based on modular aluminum or steel profiles.

Our selection offers a wide range of different possibilities to apply the collaboration robot for different purposes. We are happy to help you map the need for an additional device and choose suitable additional devices.

OnRobot accessories

In the OnRobot accessory selection, you can find versatile accessories for various purposes to automate various functions. The OnRobot product range includes, for example, grippers, force/torque force sensors, a 2.5D vision system, a screwdriver, grinding tools and tool changers. OnRobot’s products can be applied to many different tasks, such as packaging, quality control, surface treatment and material handling for products of different sizes and models. OnRobot products are designed especially for the operation of small and medium-sized companies.

With OnRobot’s additional equipment, you can improve the quality of production, save on maintenance costs, reduce physically demanding work and increase productivity. With Onrobot’s additional equipment, the robot can either work independently or alongside workers as a production aid.

Additional devices are easy and quick to connect to collaborative robots. OnRobot’s additional devices can be connected to collaboration robots from many different manufacturers.

We have classified OnRobots below into different categories according to the purpose of use.

Finger grips

RG2 gripper

3FG15 three-finger gripper

RG6 gripper

The Gecko Single Pad

RG2-FT Gripper

RG grippers are two “finger-end” grippers for cooperative robots. RG grippers can be used, for example, in picking, palletizing, packaging or sorting. RG grippers enable a maximum payload of 6 kg and are a tool for a wide range of applications. RG grippers have different sizes of gripping scopes, and the sensitive “fingertips” of the gripper identify the designated target precisely.

The 3FG15 three-headed gripper is specially designed for handling cylindrical objects and its maximum payload reaches up to 15 kg. The three points of the grip make the grip stable and strong. This accessory is perfect for collaborative robots with a larger payload.

The Gecko SP gripper is a flat gripper that is best suited for flat, shiny and smooth workpieces. Gecko SP can even grip perforated workpieces, such as circuit boards or aluminum mesh. The small and simple design enables access even in tight spaces. The Gecko SP is available in three sizes; SP1, SP3 and SP5. These are named according to the payload in kilograms.

Soft finger grippers

The Soft Gripper is a gripper that belongs to the suction cup grippers and is available with three different interchangeable gripper cups.

The Soft Gripper comes with OnRobot’s Quick Changer, base unit and gripper cup. The grip dimensions of the products vary from 11 to 118 mm, depending on the gripper cup. The suction cup grippers enable a crushing load of up to 15 kg (depending on the shape, softness and friction of the objects to be processed).

The gripping part of the grippers is made of soft material and they are easy to keep clean. Soft Gripper gripper cups are machine washable. Soft Gripper’s gripper cups meet FDA 21 CFR (for fat-free foods) and EC 1935/2004 certificates for food handling.

Vacuum grippers




The VG10 is a dual suction gripper, which means you can activate the right and left sides of the suction gripper to perform different tasks independently of each other. This will further increase the efficiency of your production line. The gripper has a double handle function, a tool changer and a selection of typical suction cups.

The VGC10 is more suitable for tight spaces and is designed to work with smaller collaborative robots. The VGC10 is half the weight of the VG10, but can operate with the same payload.

The VGC20 is ideal for palletizing boxes or irregularly shaped objects.

Quick connect adapters

Quick Changer

Dual Quick Changer 

The Quick Changer is an aid for quick and easy tool changes. The patented, reliable, easy-to-use locking mechanism, particularly safe locking structure and locking springs make the Quick Changer a unique product that is ideally suited for all collaborative robot applications.

The Dual Quick Changer is designed to enable the use of two grippers at the same time, so for example an RG2 gripper and an RG6 gripper can be used at the same time. With Dual Quick Changer, the production time is shortened, because several workpieces are processed at the same time.

Additional production equipment (identifiable)

HEX 6  axis force torque


The HEX 6 axis force/torque transducer is most commonly used in polishing, grinding, deburring, assembly, teaching or collision detection.

The Eyes (camera) is a powerful 2.5D camera that offers a wide viewing angle for different heights or stacked objects. The camera works with a single image calibration and recognizes the different parts, which only takes a few minutes.



Screwdriver with screw feeder

The sander is suitable for almost any automatic surface treatment; for grinding, polishing, finishing or cleaning. Interchangeable standard grinding wheels and easy adjustment of the tool’s rotation speed guarantee high-quality surface treatment.

Screwdriver is a multifunctional robot screwdriver with a screw feeder. OnRobot screwdrivers handle a wide range of screw sizes M1.6-M6, up to 50mm in length. The OnRobot screwdriver detects if the screw is picked up, the correct length, or inserted correctly during the tightening process.


GSK offers additional equipment, such as linear tracks, packaging cells, welding power sources, plastic compression machines, etc., to support its industrial robots. GSK offers its customers a full range of GSK CNC control systems: machining center, CNC milling, turning and grinding machine, spindle drives and motors, shaft drives and motors, stepper motor controllers, linear motors and controllers.

Welding turntable

CNC systems

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