Lapela Technology Ltd

Lapela Technology Ltd is a technology company whose two main business areas are; industrial automation (robotics) and the manufacture and development of groundwater research systems and equipment. Our operations have started as a family business and currently the main office is located in Rauma. We have been manufacturing and shaping metal products since 1945, and over the years, we have developed into a provider of products and services for industrial automation (robotics) and groundwater research.

We import under the GSK Nordic brand GSK CNC Equipment Co. Ltd robotics, CNC controls and machine tools. Our machine tool selection includes cutting machines, laser marking, welding and cutting equipment, as well as logics, frequency converters, motors and HMI panels on the automation side.

Our selection includes the cooperation robot series from the Danish manufacturer Kassow Robots and the Chinese manufacturer Elfin. We offer a different robots for a different uses, from smaller uses to larger loads. We also represent Danish OnRobot: we offer to our customers different robot accessories and tools, from their comprehensive product selection.

We design and manufacture multi-plugging and sampling systems for groundwater research. Our equipment has been designed in cooperation with Posiva and our equipment is used for example Posiva and the Geological research center of Finland (GTK). Together, we have developed the Posiva Multi Packer System, which is made for measuring groundwater in isolated zones. Our equipment can be used in drilling holes of various depths, from a few meters to thousands of meters.

We resell the RoboDK program in Finland and offer comprehensive basic training and support in Finnish. We train robot users. In the training we use for example RoboDK software, GSK RB robot, Elfin and Kassow Cobots.

We also help to increase the efficiency of production by offering method and equipment design, the purpose of which is to identify for example potential bottlenecks, increase the degree of automation and secure the various production processes. In our comprehensive selection you will find a product or service for a variety of uses.

We support our customers in identifying needs and streamlining production with innovative and intelligent solutions. We want to bring  secure solutions in the industry of technology to our customers. We operate in a customer-oriented; we listen to our customers’ wishes and needs, assist and support our customers all the way from the purchasing process to using. We want to offer to our customers unique solutions in industry of technology.