Collaborative robotics


The Elfin collaboration robots can be easily integrated into existing production environments. It differs from other 6-axis cobots in its design. Thanks to the advanced design, for example the distortion caused by thermal expansion in the “tube” robots has been minimized. Elfin is also ROS compatible. By using Elfin’s cobott, production staff can save time and get more effective production.

(reach 590 mm and
payload 3kg)

(reach 800 mm and
payload 5 kg)

(reach 1000 mm and
payload 10 kg)

(reach 700 mm and
payload 15 kg)

Star mobile robot
(reach 1000 mm and
payload 50 kg)

Kassow Robots

All Kassow robots are lightweight 7-axis robots – meaning that they are robots with one extra rotating joint. Depending on the risk analysis, they can be used directly in industrial production with little or no additional safety measures. In addition to the large dimension, Kassow robots are very effective, fast and suitable for use in small spaces. In addition, they enable complex automation and programming of small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) in a flexible, independent and cost-effective manner.

(reach 1200 mm and
payload 5 kg)

(reach 1800 mm and
payload 5 kg)

(reach 850 mm and
payload 10 kg)

(reach 1400 mm and
payload 10 kg)


GSK industrial robots are cost-effective and offer a comprehensive selection of robots for a different purposes. Currently, GSK industrial Robots are divided into six different series according to their intended use. GSK industrial robots can be used for part handling, welding, polishing, painting, stacking and storage. In the selection have many different products.

According to user requirements, GSK offers robots with excellent performance, design, high-quality selection and high technology. GSK has produced industrial robots with independent intellectual property rights, including robot controllers, servomotors, servo controllers and other key functional components.

RB sarja – RB03A1
(reach 562 mm and
payload 3 kg)

RB sarja – RB06-900
(reach 900 mm and
payload 6 kg)

RB sarja – RB08
(reach 1389 mm and
payload 8 kg)

RB sarja – 300
(reach 2508 mm and
payload 300 kg)

RB sarja – RB20
(reach 1595 – 2060 mm and
payload 6 kg, 15 kg ja 20 kg)

RH sarja – RH06A3-1850
(reach 1850 mm and
payload 6 kg)

RMD sarja – RMD 120/160/200/300
(reach 3150 mm and payload
120 kg, 160 kg, 200 kg ja 300 kg)

SCARA Robot – RSP600A(B)15
(payload 5 kg)

C sarja – C3-1100 ja C4-1000
(reach Ø 1100×250 mm / Ø 1000×250 mm
and payload 3 kg)


A comprehensive selection of accessories is available for robots. Rarely robot is capable of automating any kind of settled task and  it needs an accessory to help. When selecting any accessories and systems, the application of the robot must notice.

As accessories for robots, we offer gripper systems, conveyors, busbars, welding equipment, turntables or a CNC system. If necessary, we offer individual design and implementation of a modular aluminum or steel profile-based cell.

We will be happy to help you choose the right accessories.


GSK offers accessories such as linear paths, packaging cells, welding power supplies, plastic extrusion machines, etc. to support its industrial robots. GSK offers its customers a full selection of GSK CNC control systems: machining center, CNC milling, turning and grinding machine, spindle drives and motors, shaft drives and motors, stepper motor controllers, linear motors and controllers.

Welding positioner

CNC system


OnRobot products open up new possibilities to automate tasks you previously thought were impossible. State-of-the-art gripping and sensing systems allow you to easily design collaborative applications that allow employees to work in parallel with collaborative robots in assembly, surface treatment, picking, installation or testing. A force sensor combined with an abrasive or other tool allows the force to be controlled by a robot.

Soft gripper

Gecko single pad gripper


VG10 electric vacuum gripper

3FG15 three finger gripper

Dual quick changer

HEX 6-axis force/torque sensor

Quick changer

Onrobot eyes 2.5D vision system

RG6 finger gripper

RG2 finger gripper

RG2-FT gripper

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